Who We Are

Tourbadours are a small band of tour leaders, photographers, bikers and sommeliers who share one thing in common - a passion for adventure travel.

Like troubadours, the wandering poets of old, we strive to inspire and create; to bring melody into a tempest of mindless travel, to instill beauty in the hollowed landscapes of monotonous pursuits.

We are experts in designing and leading small group, off the beaten path tours in places we’ve explored inside and out, making sure that every day, from the beginning to the end of the trip, is a unique experience you will never ever forget.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of looking at things

Henry Miller

We couldn’t agree more and strive to make our trips a stage where great conversations and spontaneus life lessons are just as important as that perfect sunset or a delicious exotic meal. If you’re only looking for a two-week holiday package in order to escape and forget – then please look elsewhere. We roam the world hoping to awaken our consciousness, not to shut it down.

Tourbadours are perfect for everyone with limited time on their hands who wish to make the most of their vacation. We are professionals, seasoned travelers with months and sometimes years spent in places we are taking you. We have the insight, the know-how and great local connections, to help you dream bigger and suck out all the marrow of life on the road. That being said, our trips often attract independent travelers who, although usually venture out on their own, join us to hang out with like-minded individuals, moving together because they actually want to.


What sets us apart

Tramping around in small groups

Our maximum number of travelers is 10

Our tours are authentic

With genuinely curated itineraries

Giving back and treading lightly

We adhere to the principles of sustainable tourism

We don’t have suppliers

We have friends. Our relationships with our hosts makes all the difference

Strong educational background

Combined with Indiana Jones style exploration

No hidden costs

But plenty of included activities

An adventurer and gastronomad with a background in history and philosophy, dedicated explorer of new places and ideas. Lived in Zagreb, Istanbul, Athens and Hanoi. He has been working as a tour leader and guide for almost a decade, safely guiding more than a thousand happy passengers to more than thirty countries around the world. He is our chief Tourbadour guide and product developer. His passions include classical literature, motorcycle camping, Aikido and Argentine tango.


Born and raised in Hanoi Tuyet is one of the pioneers of responsible tourism in northern Vietnam. She is a co-founder of YESD – a social enterprise helping local communities and providing authentic cultural experiences in the most remote parts of the country. Tuyet is our Vietnam expert, tirelessly working in the background and making sure that everything runs like clockwork. As a true motorcycle enthusiast she is happiest when riding the mountain roads of Ha Giang.


Keisuke, our Japan expert, lived most of his life between Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, before moving to Croatia in pursuit of new adventures. He has been a travel agent and a tour director for many years now, and is an avid traveler himself. His lifelong dream however is to one day open a small guesthouse in a quaint village somewhere in Hokkaido. He lives by a motto that exploring the world is like looking in a mirror, it’s the best way to get to know yourself.



Hailing from the US, Brian found his heart in Asia, firstly in South Korea and then, after much traveling, finally in Vietnam – his source of endless inspiration. He is our photographer and a true visionary keeping our Vietnam tour sharp, inspirational and full of intrepid flavor that can be seen both through his workshops as well as his brilliant photo blog aptly named Street Light Dreams.